Facilities/Plant Management

Tamarack offers flexible Physical Plant Management for client buildings occupied by long-term tenants. Our deep understanding of building systems provides owner confidence that their tenant will be comfortable and their asset preserved. Modern HVAC systems incorporating off-site monitoring and control systems management as well as geothermal, solar heat and photovoltaic systems are common systems that Tamarack Building Engineers operate. Clients properties include privately owned GSA occupied office buildings, Border Patrol Stations, Mixed Federal Agency/Private Organization office tenants, large unoccupied Box Store retail buildings, as well as Retail Auto Dealership and Furniture Store properties in various stages of ownership change. Ongoing oversight and effective Preventative Maintenance are critical priorities that we keep focused-on.

Services We Provide:


  • Review of the physical structure and identification of strengths and weaknesses
  • Review of building position within the market currently served
  • Review of existing lease structure and potential lease structure
  • Review of current operation expense and potential revenue structure

Day-to-Day Operation

  • Establishment of sound building management staffing
  • Tenant relationship management
  • Physical plant operation and maintenance program
  • Financial reporting according to GAAP


  • Preservation of existing Tenant base
  • Lease negotiation with existing Tenants for mutually beneficial terms
  • Conversion of lease structure to “net” lease terms to optimize asset value
  • Marketing of vacant space to maximize occupancy with appropriate lease terms

Construction Management

  • Provide services required to identify architects, engineers and other professionals necessary for preparation of scope work
  • Prepare Request for Proposal (RFP) documents and manage the bidding process
  • Award construction contracts and execute contracts
  • Oversee work progression and arrange for inspection
  • Close-out projects and prepare final payments

Special Use Properties:

Department of the Interior Building
Billings, MT
119,500 sq. ft.
Sunburst Border Patrol Station
Sunburst, MT
36,970 sq. ft.
VA Billings Clinic
Billings, MT
25,000 sq. ft.